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Coating Industry Nigeria

Infrastructure Spending in Nigeria is Boosting the the Coating industry The increase in infrastructure and maintenance spending by the private and public sector in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya is lending momentum to the industrial paints and coatings market in these countries. Nigeria presents the most opportunities due to the Government’s success in stimulating private […]

Anti Slip Coating Nigeria

No more accidents on slippery surfaces – Anti slip paint Anti slip paint is a floor coating which increases safety at home or in public areas by turning a normally slippery surface into a rougher structure that provides more grip. An anti slip paint can be created in two ways: Adding rubber beads or other […]

Anti Corrosion Nigeria

Prevent rust with corrosion resistant coating Corrosion resistant coating, as the name implies, is a type of coating that prevents surfaces from falling prey to corrosion. As such, the coating is usually applied to metal surfaces and other materials that can be subject to corrosion. Such coatings can be used for many reasons including: Reinforcing […]

Fire Resistant Coating NG

Fire retardant paint protects buildings in case of fire Fire retardant paint, as the name implies, is a type of coating that can be applied on surfaces to prevent fire accidents. It however, is not completely fireproof, but effectively slows down the burning process of materials such as metals and wood. The main purpose of […]

Heat Reflective Coating

Stay cool and save energy with heat reflective coating Heat reflective coating is a spacial coating product which is applicable on roofs and other structures such as metals and windows. The coating helps reflect off heat of the sun. In particular, the coating reflects the visible, infra-red and ultra-violet rays. Due to this, heat reflective […]