Corrosion resistant coating needed on cogwheel

Prevent rust with corrosion resistant coating

Corrosion resistant coating, as the name implies, is a type of coating that prevents surfaces from falling prey to corrosion. As such, the coating is usually applied to metal surfaces and other materials that can be subject to corrosion.

Such coatings can be used for many reasons including:

  • Reinforcing metal and the structures made of metal.
  • Reinforce buildings, bridges and metaled roads by protecting them from corrosion.
  • Various consumer goods that contain metal can be made more durable using corrosion resistant coating.
  • Industries can coat various equipment they work with. This way the production process can be improved further.

All the aforementioned points have one thing in common; the involve use of steel. When steel corrodes, it appears as rust on the surface. Therefore, these coatings are also known as anti rust paints.

Increase the durability of aluminium with anti corrosion coating

Aluminum is subject to corrosion just like iron. This is because aluminum can easily react with the atmosphere and get oxidized. Aluminum today has a number of industrial applications. It is used in making smart-phone bodies, drink cans, cars, planes and many other things.

Given such a wide usage, it is important that items made from aluminum are protected from corrosion. Otherwise, products can lose their value rapidly and it may also mean a potential safety hazard considering its use in cars and aircrafts.

The most common anticorrosion coating on aluminium is anodizing; this is actually a controlled, enhanced process of corrosion. Namely, when aluminium oxidizes, it forms a layer of aluminium oxide. This in fact protects the surface from further corrosion.

Corrosion resistant coating for steel and other ferrous metals

Applying corrosion resistant coating to stainless steel and other iron containing structures can be a very cost-effective method to reinforce structures. Steel is widely used in constructing modern buildings, bridges and other high-rise structures.

Steel, despite being a very robust material, is vulnerable to corrosion. This is because steel is simply another alloy of iron and it tends to rust if not appropriately protected.

Corrosion resistant coating for bolts and other fasteners

Bolts and fasteners are usually made of alloys of iron. This implies that they can easily get corroded if left in a damp environment. One would be familiar with the corroded screws and nuts found in doors and other pieces of furniture.

Since these bolts and building materials are primarily used for holding things together, it goes without saying that they need to be protected from wear and tear. If these materials become weak, the structure also comes down with them.

Applying corrosion resistant coating on these bolts and other building materials can be a very effective safety measure to make structures last longer.

Note that most of the fasteners are pretreated with a corrosion resistant coating such as iron oxide.

Corrosion resistant coating manufacturers and prices in Nigeria

There are a number of suppliers in Nigeria that provide corrosion resistant coating in Nigeria. Nairaland and Greenaira are some of the providers. The paint can cost up to a $100.


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