heat reflective coating

Stay cool and save energy with heat reflective coating

Heat reflective coating is a spacial coating product which is applicable on roofs and other structures such as metals and windows. The coating helps reflect off heat of the sun.

In particular, the coating reflects the visible, infra-red and ultra-violet rays. Due to this, heat reflective coatings are used for two main purposes.

  1. They are applied to roofs in order to prevent too much heat entering the house.
  2. This reduces the use of air-conditioning thus it contributes to the conservation of energy. It also helps prevent air pollution.

Heat reflective coating for metal 

Metals are quite sensitive for heat; their surface temperature increases fast and changes the metals’s surface properties. The heat reflective coatings help keep metal surfaces cool; they increase safety and effectively protect from heat.

Industries usually use a lot of metal in manufacturing a number of products. However, many industries use high-power heating equipment for various purposes. As such, there is always a high temperature in these environments.

Metals in these environments can easily get heated. This may damage the equipment. Therefore, applying heat reflective coating can benefit such industries significantly. Also, the metals can last longer due to this.

Decrease indoor temperature by heat reflective paint

comparison of roofs with and without heat reflective coating

Comparison of appearance of roofs with (left) and without (right) heat reflective coating.

Heat reflective paint for roofs can be an effective way of making the house cooler during sunny days. As mentioned earlier, heat reflective coatings are an effective way to keep one’s house cool. This reduces the need to use air-conditioning and contributes to saving energy.

Not to mention that doing so will also reduce energy bills. Traditionally, roofs were painted white in order to reflect heat. These “cool roofs” are still in use today in some parts of the world. However, these cool roofs have their own negative points.

Nevertheless, reflective roofs are becoming quite popular in urban areas. This may be because of the increasing number of people moving to urban areas from rural districts, thereby causing a general increase in temperature.

Heat reflective coating for windows and glass

Just like for roofs, heat reflective coatings on windows and other glass surfaces can make your house cooler. This is because the windows will not allow much heat to pass through. This is therefore, a very convenient way of keeping your house cool.

Furthermore, by applying heat reflective coating on windows and glass, the sun’s heat rays are prevented from entering. However, you will still be able to enjoy the sun without having to worry about the excessive heat.

In fact, the glasses on cars and on any other vehicle can be coated with heat reflective paint. This will make sure your car does not get affected due to being overheated.

Heat reflective coating suppliers and prices in Nigeria

There are a number of suppliers of heat reflective coating in Nigeria. Nairaland and Baumerk Systems are some of the suppliers. The paint can cost up to 25000 Naira.

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