man slipping on a wet floor without anti slip paint

No more accidents on slippery surfaces – Anti slip paint

Anti slip paint is a floor coating which increases safety at home or in public areas by turning a normally slippery surface into a rougher structure that provides more grip. An anti slip paint can be created in two ways:

  • Adding rubber beads or other anti slip material into the floor paint prior to application;
  • Spreading the non slip material on painted surface and finishing the job with a clear coat.

Prevent ‘Slipping’ in Nigeria:

The most common substrates where non-skid paint is applied are those that would otherwise be dangerously slippery. These surfaces include:

  • Boat and ship decks,
  • Office Floors
  • Industrial concrete floors,
  • Outdoor wooden surfaces,
  • Metal ramps and bridges,
  • Tiles in bathrooms.

Anti slip paint is thus suitable for most of the common flooring materials including metals, wood, tiles and concrete.

Not only anti slip but much more

An anti slip coating is created to prevent slips and trips on floors at work or at home. They are always based on a regular floor coating; the secret is in the anti slip additive.

Due to the fact that anti slip paints are floor coatings, they also have the protective properties of ordinary floor paints; they are often tough and hard wearing as well as resistant to abrasion in terms of foot and vehicle traffic depending on the environment. The anti slip paint can also be given chemical and acid resistance if the environment requires it.


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